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30 White Eggs

6 Brown Eggs

6 White Eggs

Breaded Chicken Burger

Broasted Chicken

Cheese Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Breast Schnitzel

Chicken Burger

Chicken Chips

Chicken Fajita

Chicken Fingers

Fresh Chicken 700g

92.00  SAR115.00  SAR

Fresh Chicken 800g

14.29  SAR

Fresh Chicken 900g

15.31  SAR

Fresh Chicken 1000g

16.45  SAR

Split Chicken Breast With Bone and Skin

11.39  SAR

Chicken Drumsticks

10.44  SAR

Chicken Thighs

8.86  SAR

Chicken Whole Legs

10.12  SAR

Fresh Sambosa Filling

Whole Chicken Marinated 600g

14.28  SAR

Spicy Whole Chicken Marinated 600g

14.28  SAR

Chicken Shawarma Plain 500g

17.51  SAR

Spicy Chicken Shawarma 500g

17.51  SAR

Chicken Mandi 700g

16.66  SAR

Spicy Mandi 700g

16.66  SAR

Chicken Mortadella 250g

6.61  SAR

Chicken Mortadella with olive 250g

6.61  SAR

Chicken Mortadella with Black Pepper 250g

6.61  SAR

Chicken Mortadella with red Chilli 250g

6.61  SAR

Chicken Franks Veggies

11.25  SAR

Chicken Franks Plain

7.42  SAR

Chicken Franks Spicy

7.42  SAR

Smoked Chicken Franks

7.42  SAR

Chicken Franks Cheese

7.42  SAR

Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Hearts

Chicken Kabsa

Chicken Liver

Chicken Necks

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Pop Corn

Chicken Strips

Chicken Tenderloin

Chicken Wings

Fresh Chicken 1100g

Fresh Chicken 1200g

Fresh Chicken 1300g

Fresh Chicken 600g

Frozen Chicken

Homestyle Chicken Balls

Jumbo Chicken Burger

Lemon & Pepper marinated Chicken

Lemon & pepper Marinated Chicken parts

Marinated Chicken parts

Marinated Chicken Spicy x2

Marinated Chicken Whole legs

Marinated Chicken x2

Mini Chicken Burger

Oat Chicken Nuggets

Omega 3 Eggs

Premium Fresh Chicken

Smoked Chicken Breasts 400g

17.83  SAR

Spicy Breaded Chicken Burger

Spicy Broasted Chicken

Spicy Marinated Chicken parts

Spicy Marinated Chicken Whole legs

Chicken Breasts

11.39  SAR